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April 01, 2008




Thanks for the early link and the kind words. And DANG!, you've got a lot of first thing in the morning reads. How the hell do you ever get out the front door?


Hey Kimby, I'm a reader, not a writer, but I'm willing to bet you'll do fine. Looking forward to your contribution (when you recover from your 11 hour shift).

Michelle K


That was just CRUEL!


Kimby, thanks for the lead-in. You let me do just exactly what I hoped to be able to do.

And now my part is done!


OK, I'm going on record as ditto-ing what Michelle said.

Off to look at Tom's entry.


Interesting - taking us outside the framework of the story for an extremely unusual point of view. There's a literary term for that, which I can't recall -- is it representational?


Remember i warned you all..I said it might not be pretty. And it was not. But it is a part of who Sophie is...and it fits wonderfully with Tom's part which follows mine. Now to practice so I can not let you down when my next turn comes around.

Vince O'Connor

Wow. And now for something completely different. I like it!


Insanity is in the eyes of the beholder? Excellent.


Thanks Nathan!


mother this is a good book so far



I love the way each part continues to have a bit of a cliffhangerishness (I know, that's not a word) to it. You did a great job of adding tension to the story.


This is a first. "Munch" has commented on my blog. For the UCFers Munch is my eldest son. he has been reading our story.

Thanks Vince. And I am pretty sure that "cliffhangerishness" is too a word. After all, did you not just use it? And to use quote Nathan..."and since I said it it will be true. That's the great thing about the internet. It's a form of print; and for years now we've known that anything in print must be true."

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