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December 31, 2008



Yay us! I'm sure Keith is proud of you as well.


fowl-phone? Nobody tells me anything!

Random Michelle

Clean that wax outta your ears Nathan!

Keith Wilson

Ever seen Mr. and Mrs. Smith?
When does the first cheque come in? I need a new game controller.


So she was listening to Leonard Cohen's "Bird On A Wire" when the fowl-phone squawked at her. She thought about ducking the call, but something goosed her into answering it.

"Maybe I'm high as a kite," he said, "but I didn't think this thing still worked."

Her eyes narrowed hawkishly. "You're robin' me of study time, Admiral," she said.

"I'm robin' you?" he parroted back. "Look, I wouldn't've called if it hadn't'a been important. Some canary in a coal mine has pigeonholed the organization in a blog post at an anti-LHC site."

She pictured him hunched like a vulture over his phone, owlish in his glasses. She began to count down backwards from a hundred, knowing impatience was the Admiral's cardinal sin.

"You're activated, okay!" he finally screeched, sounding a little like a parakeet. "Tern in your papers for school and get your ass into gear, this JT is turning into an albatross 'round my neck!" and slammed the phone down.

She smiled a flamingo smile and put the phone down.


Hey Eric, have i mentioned how much I swoon for you...in a non-creepy-super-spy-sort-of-way yet today?
Consider yourself told!

Jim Wright

Damnit, Eric, you can't just go spraying puns about like that. People could get hurt. Save it for the anti-LHC crowd, big guy, use your super abilities only for evil.

Shawn Powers

If you're done spying -- I would like your black hole detector. I hate when we have to wait for them to swallow planets before we find 'em.


Hey, boss, an escaped black hole ate my expense reports. Really.

So Kim, will your life be easier or harder now that you've been outed as a super-spy? I mean, you don't have to hide, but now you have to deal with the celebrity aspect of it all.

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