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February 05, 2009



Much of your list scared me a little until you got the the first five songs that show up on shuffle. That seemed a little more egalitarian. :D


"Album Artist" may be different from song artist for compilations, soundtracks, or albums where tracks are broken out by member (e.g. the album artist for Ummagumma is Pink Floyd, but the song artists for the tracks on disc 2 are (in order) Richard Wright, Roger Waters, David Gilmour and finally Nick Mason).

Most of the time it doesn't matter (they're usually the same or nobody cares), and I imagine "Album Artist" usually gets ignored. But recently, when I was sorting tunes on Winamp, I noticed that I had a couple of albums where it made sense to specify Album Artist vs. Artist because it made for a more reliable way to sort or to set up playlists for some records (particularly ROIOs featuring solo performances from individual artists assoicated with bands mixed in with full-band tracks). So it turned out to be sort of a nice option to have available in the metadata tags.


Seems I lost a=href for two links when I posted. if you're interested:

Ummagumma= http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ummagumma

ROIO= http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ROIO



I think the reason Apple separates artists and album artists is for compilations or works of other performed by somebody else.

I have plenty of classical albums that are performed by symphony orchestras.

This is a great meme.

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