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July 31, 2011



Love to you both, my friend. It's never easy.


Thanks Janiece. There is no way I would have made it through the last 3 months without friends...right now that is the only way I am hanging on. I am trying to look at it as an adventure, but admittedly I would rather be adventurous in some other fashion. Maybe somewhere where people bring me drinks with little umbrellas while i watch the tide roll in. :: sigh:: Happy thoughts, happy thoughts!


Damn, Kimby. Big huge hugs to you and to Keith. So much of what you've written resonates deep in my soul. I've spoke and felt much of the same on and off throughout the brain tumor and meds stuff. Sending you love and peace, girlfriend.

Carol Elaine

Much love and huge hugs to you, Kim, and to Keith, from a fellow anxiety attack sufferer.



I wish you both peace and strength.

You are not alone.

Random Michelle



I've never been where you are, but when I was in bad places and I stayed inside myself, I never got any help. When I reached out, what I needed came back to me. Thanks for reaching out, so your friends can show you they care.

And we do. Very much. My best to you and Keith and the kids, too.

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